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"You are such a bright light Kelli - I love working with you! I appreciate your mindful intensions, your awareness of energy and your ability to effectively utilize your big energy to support your clients. You are such an amazing coach!"

~ Connie Z. - Creston, BC CANADA

"Kelli is strong yet soft. She meets her clients at their level with grace and compassion. She has a big, beautiful heart with a knack for Equine Gestalt Coaching."

~ Carly J. - Bozeman, MT

"Kelli Rose creates a safe space for her clients by the depth of her listening and attention. Her dedication to her client's process of self-improvement clears the path for healing and success."

~ Christin S. - Houston, TX

"Kelli shows up in a big way for her clients. She is open, present and loving as she guides her clients through their exploratory process with intuition and authenticity."

~ Becky C. - Luck, WI

"Your quiet confidence makes space for your clients to bring forth their own awareness. I appreciate the encouragement and love that you provide while coaching and holding space for your clients."

~ Letitia W. - MA

"Kelli's sweet and loving support during her coaching heals the heart and brings it back home to an inner peace."

~ Mara G. - Latvia

"Horses carry the Wisdom of Healing in their Hearts and

offer it to any human who possesses the Humility to Listen."

~ Unknown

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