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"You are such a bright light Kelli - I love working with you! I appreciate your mindful intensions, your awareness of energy and your ability to effectively utilize your big energy to support your clients. You are such an amazing coach!"

~ Connie Z. - Creston, BC Canada

"Kelli is strong yet soft. She meets her clients at their level with grace and compassion. She has a big, beautiful heart with a knack for Equine Gestalt Coaching."

~ Carly J. - Bozeman, MT

"Kelli Rose creates a safe space for her clients by the depth of her listening and attention. Her dedication to her client's process of self-improvement clears the path for healing and success."

~ Christin S. - Houston, TX

"Kelli shows up in a big way for her clients. She is open, present and loving as she guides her clients through their exploratory process with intuition and authenticity."

~ Becky C. - Luck, WI

"Your quiet confidence makes space for your clients to bring forth their own awareness. I appreciate the encouragement and love that you provide while coaching and holding space for your clients."

~ Letitia W. - MA

"Kelli's sweet and loving support during her coaching heals the heart and brings it back home to an inner peace."

~ Mara G. - Latvia

"Kelli is kind and compassionate. She’s patient and understanding, she encourages me and helps me to see the beauty and qualities that I carry as a woman. She is persistent in getting me to do the hard work, yet gentle in her approach overall. She is an amazing listener. Kelli is a phenomenal individual and she is a fantastic coach. I would highly recommend her to anyone that is looking to expand their growth on themselves. She offers wonderful suggestions and consistently shows up prepared, ready to go with an enthusiasm unlike anything I’ve been a part of before."

~ Lori P. - Longmont, CO

"My time with Kelli and her horses was exactly I needed to really start my healing. I've been on the perpetual counseling, merry-go-round, for many years. With Kelli's patience, understanding and guidance, I'm on the path to true healing. She goes above and beyond to help her clients. I look forward to continuing my heart work with Kelli, and her sweet horses.”

~ Kim L - Littleton, CO

"Horses carry the Wisdom of Healing in their Hearts and

offer it to any human who possesses the Humility to Listen."

~ Unknown

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